Valentine’s Day Speaker Gifts

Looking to get “him” a nice pair of speakers for Valentine’s Day?

All men love their speaker systems, home theater set ups and booming bass sounds. That’s why we decided to put together the best Valentine’s Day speaker gifts – a legendary top three list!

Speakers as Gifts Buying Advice

Before you buy anything, you should know a few things about speakers so you don’t get the “wrong one.” We all know what that can spiral into!

Now, if you are just buying a bluetooth wireless speaker, you’ll be just fine because those don’t require additional purchases. On the other hand, if you are thinking about getting him a loud speaker, such as bookshelf or floor standing, there are some key things to consider.

Passive Speakers

Passive speakers are not powered speakers. This means you will need an amp or a receiver to hook them up and provide power to them. Amps and receivers can be pricey and tricky, so just know what you are getting into before you buy a passive speaker.

Active Speakers

Active speakers are powered speakers. These do not require an amp or a receiver to power them up. You can take them right out of the box, hook them up via bluetooth and start listening. If it is your first time buying a pair of speakers, we suggest you get powered speakers.

Top 3 Valentine’s Day Speaker Gifts

What you will see in this guide is a mixture of wireless, bluetooth, active and powered speakers. Again, know what you’re buying before you bring out that credit card. Our first, and overall recommended option, is the Klipsch R-41PM. It’s active (powered) and is easy to set up. Let’s take a look!

#1: Klipsch R-41PM Powered Bookshelf Speaker

First off, he will love the look of Klipsch, but the sound will warm his heart! Second, bookshelf speakers aren’t super big so they won’t take up too much space. Lastly, these bookshelf speakers are powered and do not require an additional amp or receiver. The Klipsch R-41PM produces outstanding sound, has great reviews and is an overall excellent gift for Valentine’s day.

#2: Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

The Bose brand has been pumping out amazing speakers since they first started off. The SoundLink II is no different. It’s one of the hottest selling wireless bluetooth speakers on the market today. The sound is pretty powerful for how small it is.

#3: JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you love swimming in a pool, or spend time at the beach, you should seriously consider getting him a waterproof speaker. JBL is an excellent brand and the Flip 4 is not only powerful, but also affordable.