About us

O&E is headquartered in Brooklyn, but we find inspiration around the world.

Venice, Geneva, Oslo, Oaxaca. We love to travel. We’ve lived all over the globe. And we wanted to create a speaker that would make the journey with us. Something that evoked our wanderlust, our passion for new experiences and our lifestyle. After all, tomorrow we could wake up and decide to go somewhere we’ve never been before. And for that, we have the Bongo.

But Otis & Eleanor isn’t just about travel. We're also committed makers. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the Bongo. We handpicked the designers, we curated the fabrics. We toured and selected the factories. We even created an entirely new and unique supply chain that ensures you get maximum value. We took the time to ensure the Bongo was a quality product so that it would delight its owners for years to come.

So sometime soon, when you’re far off hanging with newfound friends, we hope you'll have a Bongo by your side.Sao Paulo